viernes, 21 de septiembre de 2007

USA Ron Paul 4 President, International Support Sites Increase

Panama 4 Ron Paul 2008

Paul's Int. Support Keeps GrowingThursday, September 20, 2007 -
Posted September 20th, 2007 by manystromThanks to Grant Johnston who emailed me with a slew of international Ron Paul blogs. The list of sites on the blogroll on the front page now contains fifteen (15!) international blogs! What other candidate - Republican or Democrat can boast this kind of support?International Blogs:
Asia for Ron Paul,
Bavaria for Ron Paul,
Belgians for Ron Paul,
Brits for Ron Paul,
Brazilians for Ron Paul,
Canadians for Ron Paul,
Chile for Ron Paul,
French for Ron Paul,
Europe 4 Ron Paul,
Holland 4 Ron Paul,
Hungary for Ron Paul,
Indian & Pakistani Friends of Ron Paul,
Poland for Ron Paul,
Panama 4 Ron Paul 2008,
Romania for Ron Paul,
Venezuela for Ron Paul.
Grant also notes: "I discovered, by observation in (, that a city gets a white pin, when 3 or more people are waiting for a meetup group. When the pin is white, no one has to pay. You only have to pay if a meetup group is started (it is not mandatory to start a group if interest is expressed). The pin then changes to red.It would be nice to at least have a white pin for each of the countries that have Ron Paul supporters (Brazil, Romania, etc.). Unfortunately, I cannot find contact information for them on their websites, to tell them how to get it.

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