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The Fluoride Factor The fluoride synergism effects leading to rise in world wide health effects.

A DOE Watch Exclusive Report

The fluoride synergism effects leading to rise in world wide health effects.

DOE has many covered up environmental and health problems and this was the beginning.
The Fluoride Factor
The Fluoride Disaster

The Fluoride Factor The fluoride synergism effects leading to rise in world wide health effects.

(Hydrogen Fluoride damages the Pineal Gland and HPA Axis factors that lead to long term diseases, illness, and early death.)

By: Jim Phelps Copyright 2004, 2005

This monologue is presented to orient persons, using plain language and lots of simple references, to the problems associated with fluorine and fluoride chemicals.

If I were to name one element or one element or chemical compound that would represent the "Bane of Mans existence on Earth" it would be fluorine or fluoride. Fluorine has caused huge problems for man since the beginning of time due to volcanic effects on Earth. Fluorine or Hydrogen Fluoride released from volcanic events or even meteor terminal events is the principle effect for extinction events on this planet.

The real story of fluorides in industry reads like the PBS-TV documentary called "Trade Secrets" by Bill Moyers on the chemical called vinyl chloride or the book called "Silent Spring" about rising chemical pesticides problems by Rachael Carson. The risks from fluoride chemicals are a thousand times worse than what was presented by these two reports on health risks. Fluoride was seen as a necessary evil for the production of metals, coal energy, and uranium for nuclear weapons. Our own US Government covered up the dangers of fluoride concentrations rising in the environment.

Rising levels of fluoride are directly connected to disruption of enzymes necessary for cell repair (glutathione particularly) and removal of toxic metals from the human body. The effect results in the rise of lead, mercury and other toxic metals in children that impair their IQ and long term health. In the elderly is hastens the onset of gray hair because it is linked to mercury concentrations in the body. It also adds to brittle bone problems, dementia from toxic metals effects on the brain, and quite literally onset for immune illnesses and death. Fluoride is not a friend to children's teeth, but a deadly cumulative poison where 98 percent of the fluoride ingested goes right to the bone of children to disrupt their health in much the same way that Sr-90 from nuclear testing was feared to cause cancer in children.

This report will take a look at the information that sheds the greater light of truth on the dangers of fluoride and what it is doing to the general welfare of the US citizens. We shall take a look at prominent books on the topic, at the latest peer reviewed research articles, and how the Manhattan Project's knowledge has been suppressed as well as other industry induced harms to the public's risk factors due to fluoride releases to the environment.

Fluoride in the body rises constantly with age and there is even one excellent book named for this effect: "Fluoride The Aging Factor" by Dr. John Yiamouyiannis [ISBN 0-913571-03-2]. Fluoride increases in the bones with age and all the effects of aging leading to immune system dysfunction and death track the retention of fluoride in the human body. Yianouyiannis and others have picked up on this effect. See excerpts of his book: Click Here and Here.

The industrial age has brought on a huge rise in the levels of fluoride in the air, water, and food supplies. Persons like the German doctor George Waldbott were some of the first to begin to point out the problems of fluoride. One of his books even presents the issue as the Dilemma: "Fluoride The Great Dilemma" by George Waldbott, MD [ISBN 0-87291-097-0] with foreword by Alton Ochsner, MD. Waldbott has this book foreword'd by one of the lead persons on the kill Castro with Cancer methods using SV-40 effects with a trigger method using radiation or fluoride. See book excerpts: Waldbott Book.

One of the most interesting books on fluoride is self published by Dr. Geoffrey Smith and called "The Fluoride Conspiracy and the Secret War." It is only available in Australia these days. Smith points out that a vaccine could have managed tooth decay. If one looks into the root of the problem with cavities, all the evidence points to refined sugar. Refined sugar is an immune system poison and strongly hinders the macrophages and other immune cells from cleaning and killing the bacteria on the teeth. This effect shows up strongly when one looks at India, where this people's culture does not use the refined sugar, and their teeth are all near perfect. Exceptions being in areas of India where the fluoride levels are high and then teeth are broken and have ugly coloration. One more reason the governments pushed for fluoride to control cavities was to support the huge sugar industry dominance in the US. Monetary interests to promote sugar and promote emissions of fluoride from aluminum, steel, uranium and other toxic release industries dictated fluoride. Whereas common sense and the natural order of immune processes would say fluoridation is based on insane logic. The use of toxic fluoride plays a role in killing the human immune system.

More recent books speak to the huge cover up of industry and the US Govt. on the issues of fluoride connected to the nuclear bomb and strategic metals processing, see: "The Fluoride Deception" by Christopher Bryson [ISBN 1-58322-526-9]. Book Review. The health damages due to fluoride releases of these operations were so destructive that the Govt. with industry partners [DuPont, ALCOA, Rockefellers, Kettering Labs of Cincinnati, Oh.] decided to conceal the effects from the public. Kettering Labs is located where the occupation illness center in the US is located and Kettering is funded by the polluters and most all their files on fluoride research are kept locked away from the public. This has lead to extreme levels of abuse toward citizens and their health in the name of attempting to defeat communism. See: Kettering History.

Fluoride (cryolite dust--aluminum-fluoride compound) has been used as a pesticide for centuries and when one looks for the method of which it kills bugs, one quickly discovers the mechanism involves the upsetting of trace metal metabolism within cells. In insecticide uses, higher concentrations are applied, but when these same poisons enter the human food chain these same effects happen, only more slowly. Every human on the face of planet Earth is affected by this fluoride effect, some more than others depending on geographic, food consumption, industry, and water pollution. Fluoride is cumulative from even the subtlest levels taken in by human consumption.

The key to understanding the most damaging effect of fluoride is to know about these trace metal upsets that control enzyme repairs and other processes within cells. Upsets in these trace metals occur due to the fact that fluorine is the most electronegative element and when present within the body will seize onto trace metals spontaneously. This effect keeps these trace metals from being able to do their essential jobs within the body and cells. This effect leads to rise in cell damages, higher levels of oxidation like damage to DNA, rises in the cytokine levels, loss of immune system tolerance in detection and elimination of varied pathogens, etc.
The problems associated with fluoride doesn't stop with the metals-complex issues, as fluoride damages the thyroid hormone due to iodine like valence effects, it damages the pineal gland and the melatonin / serotonin hormones, it contributes to arterial plaque, it upsets many of the immune cells like macrophage energy, it associates to heart attacks, kidney damage, and etc. If there were one element that were to be associated with the "God of the Underground," Death, and Hell; it would be fluorine.

Rising fluorine toxic effects set up the need for the SSRI class of drugs used to combat the damage to the pineal gland and the reduction of serotonin hormone levels. These serotonin levels are essential for the brain's immune repair function and higher performance cognitive processing skills. It is this connection for why fluorine was used in German and Russian prisons to keep their inmates dumbed down and not resistant to authority. It is a sort of mind control vector by allowing mental dysfunction. Today, the industrial based politics of the US apply this same sinister control upon the US citizens themselves, taking the public hostage in their control schemes.

Fluoride effects are directly related to loss of IQ in children and the dumbing down of the population that makes them easier to lead. Fluoride effects linked to aluminum are linked to the passage of aluminum across the blood-brain-barrier that is linked with Alzheimer's effects. Fluorides complex with aluminum to form G-protein like substances that are able to permanently upset cell bonding sites and shut down GSH and SOD enzymes. Fluorides increase the retention of toxic metals in the body and lower the retention of the beneficial trace metals, and this is a death keel to essential enzyme processes.

The mechanism for the toxic metals rise in the body due to fluorides is due to damage to the selenium based glutathione enzyme that clears toxic metals from the body. Fluorides rising in the body shuts down the enzyme glutathione and others and cause a rise in the toxic metals like lead, mercury and others in the body. In children, the effect causes loss of IQ and cognitive processing abilities. In older persons it is directly connected to the process of gray hair because rising mercury toxicity on the hair follicles induces it. And directly linked to dimentia and Alzheimers because the glutathione can no longer clear out aluminum and other toxic metals and keep them from the brain.

Fluorine was a large factor in the health problems in London due to the "London Fogs" that stemmed from the burning of high fluoride "Sea Coal." These emissions produced fogs so thick they were called "Pea Soup" and persons had to lead carriages around the streets in broad daylight with lanterns. It is this same area that spawned the problems connected to "Jack the Ripper," who appeared to be looking at the health effects of prostitutes connected to these toxic effects. A good book that goes into some of this is: "When Smoke Runs Like Water" by Dr. Devra Davis [ISBN 0-465-01521-1]. See excerpts: Here.

Fluorine began being exposed industrially in the 1930s in the Meuse Valley in Belgium from the emissions of aluminum processes, where it is used as a flux and melting point modifier for aluminum smelting. In the US in 1948, fluoride became a huge issue for the town of Donora, Pa. from an air inversion that trapped coal smoke and fluoride vapors from the flux operations of the steel mills there.

In the 40s era Manhattan Project it was a huge problem connected to national security and huge accidents near Buffalo, NY were concealed and problems from DuPont's Peach Bottoms emissions were the start of huge Govt. sponsored cover ups on the damaging effects of fluorine processes. Fluorine was the only element that led to the lowest temperature gaseous form of uranium compounds.

So, the Govt. in working with the Rockefellers and AMA designed medicine around taking note of fluorides damage to human health. This made this faction rich in the process and they attack those that expose this planned oversight and conspiracy of silence.

Fluoride damage to enzymes is dependent on the G-protein mimic effect for TSH, that shuts down the GSH and SOD enzymes. Other effects from mercury and pesticides all act in some fashion on this G-protein channel. Almost 80% of the drugs use some method of action on G-protein channels to correct for the problems that natural pollution and industrial pollution do to these two enzymes.

One can see there formed a Govt. and industry sponsored cover up of the dangers of fluoride that matured into something to make it associated with good for children's teeth. The truth of this deceptive process is that it put a deadly poison within the reach of nearly every child in America. The deadly truth is that there is enough fluoride in one tube of the sweet and flavored toothpaste to kill an adult. Short of doses that kill the fluorides toxic effect robs children of their IQ, robs them of essential trace metals needed to immune health, and leaves them with a lifelong predisposition toward cancers, immune illnesses, and HIV.

When one knows and recognizes the issues of fluorine intake affecting the immune system, then other factors come into view. For example, rodents have long been associated with spreading the "Black Plague" bacteria in Europe. Most of these outbreaks have occurred correlated with major volcanic events. Rodents like to chew on bones to sharpen their teeth and this also puts high levels of fluorine into their diets. These levels tend to rise after volcanic events and this is associated to the immunity being damaged to the extent that the black plague bacteria are not controlled.

Since rodents have naturally been exposed to much higher levels of fluoride in their food chain due to the bone consumption, this effect has also upset the data derived from their use in medical research. Reference 1 below speaks to the finding of rodents by Wake Forest University with drastically different immune responses to cancer than that from all previous lines of mice used in cancer research. The long isolation of mouse lines in captivity and their being fed low fluoride diets have lead to some of them recovering their immune functions. This basically means that all the data collected with mice has been flawed by the generational damage done by fluoride.
Bone meal fluoride is a huge undisclosed problem. It shows up in cattle fed bone meal leading to the issues of "Mad-Cow" or "BSE." It shows up in gardeners that use bone meal on food they consume and who then come down with similar illnesses. And it has shown up in children fed "pablum," which was made from bone meal.

Natural fluoride effects even upset the reproduction of salmon fish, which must migrate into fresh water with less than the 1ppm fluoride in sea water. Various fish hatcheries have been harmed by fluoride levels of only 0.5 ppm in varied industrial cases.

Fluoride compounds taken into the stomach is converted by the stomach acid to hydrofluoric acid, which is highly absorbed into the body and highly retained. It is a cumulative effect. The effect is most pronounced in rodents that consume bones that highly concentrate fluorine from the environment. The effect highly drives cancer resistance. This effect entered the studies on cancer as a weapon against Castro using SV-40 mutations. Details.

DuPont's mess made from fluorine not only made an ecological disaster from the Manhattan Project, it went on to wreck the world and even individual children's young lives. DuPont made the lead for leaded gasoline. DuPont made the fluorine to make the UF-6 used to make the bomb uranium and they made the "Teflon" used to seal the processes and the "Freon" used to remove the heat of compression from the gas diffusion process. The Freon would go on to wreck the global environment due to the Fluorine being so close in mass to air that it lingers and builds in the upper atmosphere. Here it absorbs high levels of IR radiation and contributes to global warming, and also sequesters hydrogen that adds to the UV-b levels from ionization effects and damages the ozone like chlorine.

The DuPont mess does not end there as the stain resistant compounds like "Scotchguard" are tied to Infant Deaths. Infants tend to burp up stomach contents and this gets onto Scotchguard surfaces of baby mattresses. Here the acid liberates the fluoride used in the stain resistant coating and makes HF, which can cause SIDS. Scotchguard has recently been discontinued due to these effects, in the same way that Freon has been discontinued. DuPont's Teflon was even seen to break down in cooking applications and poison and kill household birds.

The Manhattan Project is riddled with fluorine problems. The very first deaths connected with the project came from liquid diffusion experiments hitting some water and causing a huge explosion and HF release that killed several people. The problems never ceased, as in Oak Ridge they killed a worker named Jack Owens who sat on some "Green Salt" at the Y-12 plant that was wet with HF and he died of a heart attack a few days later. HF has a sudden death effect due to skin absorption effects on the heart. Persons like Paducah's Joe Harding cleaned out gas diffusion equipment and received HF exposures by crawling around and getting HF into his tendons around knees, elbows, etc. The fluoride hardened his ligaments and these would flake off and look like fingernails coming through his skin. He eventually died of stomach cancer. GDP operation.

Fluoride even has some more sinister uses, as it was used in Russia and in Germany to pacify prisoners. The infamous "Red Trains" of Russia took undesirables to work camps in Siberia. Here the Jewish operators of these camps administered the fluoride to change resistant attitudes. Ironically, Jewish Communists in Russia banned religions due to some of the problems of state within a state effect that religion caused that challenged the power of Governments. Many of these religious dissidents landed in these Jewish operated Siberian prisons and were given the same methods of treatment that Moses dealt to the Egyptians using the alchemical methods of fluoride.

The people of Russia and Europe have rejected the use of fluoridation because they know of its more sinister properties in taking control of societies. The Russian Jews that banned religions also likely saw through the real alchemical meanings from the veiled messages and parables presented in the Torah. Meanwhile, the communists stood by and watched the problems that wrecked Europe for so long be pilloried against the US and the UK. The toxic methods of fluoride have so lamed the minds of citizens of these countries that they don't even notice the greater plan to take over the country from within, as forecast by Russia's Khrushchev. Fluoride has some very sinister purposes once the Old World religion meanings are unveiled.

Fluorides released from industry causes problems and more sinister uses of fluorides to control people also cause problems. Natural effects are not exempted as even natural effects of fluoride levels are tied to the transmission of HIV and the resultant pandemic. The East African Rift Zone in Africa has the highest levels of HIV cases, and these areas also have the highest levels of fluoride in their food and water. Reference 2 below speaks to the issue of manganese being able to stop HIV reverse transcription replication and transmission in its tracks. This is one of the fluorine-metal complex effects that make for the problems of the HIV pandemic. The use of fluoride here is population control, and the Govt. does know the real issues behind HIV. It fits the Rockefeller depopulation plans and their AMA system of profiting.

The high levels of fluorine in the bone mass of persons in these regions set up the fluoride-aluminum formation leading to interaction with manganese, which renders it unavailable in cells. In the process the immune system cells have low concentration of manganese for viral control enzyme production, which is essential for cells to resist infection with HIV. This is why the immune cells are the hardest hit with HIV infections, they propagate it, and they sequester it in the gut region.

Fluorine combines with aluminum to mimic G-proteins that affect the pituitary TSH receptor sites on cells and lock them from proper performance. The effect is similar to how aluminum based vaccine adjuvants (alum) attempt to lock the memory of dendritic cells to vaccine pathogens. The AlFx compound formed won't clear from cell bonding sites due to the high strength of the fluorine bond to the cell site. AlFx compounds mimic the TSH hormone of the pituitary, but not well. AlFx compounds don't follow the day and night cyclic patterns of natural TSH from the pituitary, and the near permanent bonding effects on TSH receptor sites highly upsets thyroid hormone regulation. It is this effect that keeps the cells of the body from making the needed levels of GSH and from powering down in the night and day cycles of normal TSH.

In the human body the HIV virus tends to remain latent in the immune system cells of the abdomen, which is where the food and water intake would tend to affect the immune system the most due to fluoride retention. Other factors like gay male's seamen also add to the concentration effects of fluorides because it tends to concentrate the fluoride toxics. Add to this that drugs like cocaine also affect the immune system and make HIV more infectious. This is how the gay population was so heavily affected by HIV.

The real issues of natural effects of fluoride and ever more sinister uses for it appear far back in history. Fluoride issues go back to the times of the origin of Alchemy in Egypt and the parable presentations in the Biblical narratives. The Egyptians were into religious rights used at mining temples to gather and purify gold. This was the source of the "black chemistry" called Alchemy. The Egyptians appear to be some of the first to observe that gold could be used as a medicine effect.

They did not know why at the time, only that it aided health. Today, we can see that gold added to the body tends to complex with fluorine and render it less harmful. This later went into how the Jews of Exodus survived the toxic effects of the Mt. Sinai linked volcano chain next to Midian. They added gold to their cooking methods as told by the golden calf story. Even today, the Chinese believe in adding gold flakes to their food and even cooking with a gold coin to achieve these same effect. We can see similar effects on the immune system and the susceptibility to flu by adding increased zinc to ones diet.

Moses was exposed to this mining temple Alchemy science linked to gold for the Egyptian royal courts. When Moses came for his people he used poison methods that were presented in alchemical imagery terms linked to symbols of the snake and the staff as power. Moses took his people to the Mt. Sinai volcano and here they did the mining techniques to extract gold from its deposits. They learned to survive the HF emissions by using the gold techniques. This is the heart of the science of colloid gold and silver, because these nano-fine particles gain entrance into the body and cells and can render the fluoride effect harmless by complexing with the fluorine atoms.

Even when we get up to the times of Jesus we see the Egyptian Alchemy being linked to "Star Metals." The only thing the Egyptians valued more than gold was the "Star Metal," which was basically just low carbon iron from meteorites. It was the steel of the times, and highly valued. It was this substance that the "Three Wise Men" story of Jesus' birth relates. The Jews wanted a new savior and the Wise Men liked the concept and imparted to them the inner secrets of the Alchemy.

Mary, Joseph, and thus Jesus learned the inner meanings of the story of Genesis and the methods of Moses and his volcano Alchemy from their contact with the alchemical wise men. They were also directly exposed to the Egyptian culture in the times of Cleopatra and saw the things that influenced Moses. They could then see through issues of the Jewish Torah in ways that had not been presented by Holy Rabbis of the times. Due to this inspirational epiphany of Mary and Joseph, Jesus became the reformer for the Jews over these inner secrets of the Torah (Torah is the first five chapters of Christian's Bible). Even when we go back to Noah, we find the volcanic effects link to 40 days and nights of rain and the need to sequester food and shelter animals from the poisons of these events.

We can see these similar effects on animals today from volcanic events in Iceland, where the HF is cooled and deposited on the snows that melt and flow into rivers. The cattle and other animals hundreds of miles away from these events are often killed by drinking the HF contaminated water from the rivers. Similar effects are seen around aluminum plants where cows eat contaminated grass and either die or suffer extreme degenerative health effects.

Even the parable on Sodom and Gomorrah is one about the Dead Sea regions rift zone, which due to pressure and volcanic issues released all matter of fluorides into the ground water and wells of the region. What followed were toxic effects on the population there and the story that God or Nature destroyed them as it sank beneath the Dead Sea.

This story is little different than the current problems in Ethiopia, where fluoride levels are extremely high in the water supplies and the rift effects are going to make in inland ocean of a large part of the country due to subsidence of the land.

We can even see the aphrodisiac effects of fluorides from the parables on Sodom and Gomorrah, and the very same effects happen to workers of the Govt.'s nuclear plants in Oak Ridge. These sex drive effects were so bad that all the office and lab windows and door glass had to be removed and replaced with clear glass to limit the private areas for sexual activities. Oak Ridge and other sites that experienced the toxic effects of fluorides experienced a unique visit back in time to the problems seen in the biblical narratives. It is how places like Oak Ridge unlocked the deeper issues of God and Nature from the Bible's stories.

The secrets of religion are directly related to the alchemical science that evolved around the effects of fluorine from the Old World and the stories of the Old Testament. Jesus and the New Testament set forth to challenge the Torah and the Solomon's Temple Jewish Priests or Pharisee who misinterpreted these alchemical images stories. Jesus held the greater sense on what was and was not God. The Old Testament is really the anti-Christ and the New is the Christ, and this is where the ultimate story of understanding the most electronegative element on the planet leads.

The secret of fluorine is a most sinister one that involves its sequestration and build up in the bone marrow where it robs the immune cells there of their essential trace metals that make their enzyme repair processes work. Likewise, the fluorine also builds in the calcium rich tissues of the pineal gland and upsets the levels of melatonin and serotonin in the brain that are essential toward brain cell repair. The effect plays a dominant role in aging and senescence leading up to diseases and death. The AlFx hormone mimic of TSH appears to play a role in these hormones imbalance.

Today, we know that the fluorine's rise in the body sets up the slow impact on melatonin levels that regulate sexual puberty and that the lowering of the age of sexual maturity of children is a direct effect from the rise of fluorine in the environment. We even know the strange aphrodisiac effects seen in workers exposed to fluorine gases of the uranium gas diffusion plant was a direct effect of melatonin antagonism. We also know the like effects on serotonin levels made for a work force that would not question, but do what they were told to the point of self injury from its long term toxic effects.

One can literally steer sexual urges and aggression by controlling metatonin and fluorine levels in the body. If one wants to lower sexual urges one takes melatonin as a supplement and then sleeps better at night and wakes with higher-level brain function in the morning. If one wants to enhance sexual urges then one consumes food and water with more fluorine concentration. The latter effect is happening to the majority of the population due to industry cover-ups and AMA corruption.

We can also see why the alternative health therapies work that involve things as simple as acupuncture, magnets, and minerals like zinc and selenium. Acupuncture uses needles made of the precious metals silver or gold typically. When these are inserted into the body around sites of inflammation and rotated or electrically driven, they give off metal ions into these local tissues. These metals interfere with the formation of the toxic Fluoride-metal compounds and form soluble complexes that remove fluorine from these tissues and the body. Similarly, the magnet therapies tend to collect the ferrous metals in the tissues, which don't form dangerous fluorine compounds and do form compounds that will enhance removal of fluorine from the tissues and body. Similarly, mineral supplements of zinc and selenium do the same. All these are very ancient methods that work, and even Egypt's Cleopatra used the magnet methods in her time.

Those that truly understand the messages of Jesus would have to note that his message is about "Health Care" by prevention and not the "Illness Care" methods of today that have gone wild due to the suppression of toxic effects on the world population. Jesus was an Environmentalist of his times and he spoke against the deceptive war methods of Moses' God using fluoride alchemical chemical warfare. This is the message shown in the icon imagery of Mary standing on the Snake with an apple in its mouth to control the levels of poisons getting into the human food chain. It is the story of putting only good things into the body and treating it as a temple.
The science of fluorine is literally so pontifical that it is the divine gatekeeper between what are the concepts of Heaven and Hell for Humans on this planet. This is how powerful the study of the full issues of fluorine relates. Fluorine gets into the inner circle of the secrets of religion, and the flaws in the interpretations of religion. This is how fluorine comes to play such an instrumental role in the Revelations message of Jesus from the Biblical narratives.

Fluorine effects are directly linked to the great health plagues of cancer and HIV that we see today, as prophesied by Jesus in the Revelation narratives. The major weather effects are directly connected to the global warming effects being generated by fluorine building in the upper atmosphere. The full understanding of the effects of fluorine lead to the life-spans of 1,000 years presented in the Biblical Narratives Genesis. This being the best interpretation for "Eternal Life" and the saving messages from Jesus.

The Manhattan Project has played a pivotal role in the keeping of these huge secrets that have falsely empowered the few and intentionally mislead so many. It is linked to the messages of the End-Times, when false prophets have surrounded us. The Manhattan Project likes to falsely play up that radiation is the cause of the many health problems, but this is only an intentional misleading story salted into the public's mind. The Manhattan Project and religion have long been linked in a mutual act of preservation of huge lies that are harmful to all citizens of this planet.

If the church gives up its inner sanctum secrets liked to these effects or the Manhattan Project scientists tell the real relationships, then both sides go down in a huge implosion. It is indeed a corrupt truth reminiscent of Rapture. The Pharisee and those that followed them have tried to modify these simple origins of Moses' god using much words of spirituality. But the inner core of Moses is one of the natural order of volcanic effects and this has both a warlike vengeful god connotation as well as one of Satan. These cover-ups are the root of all the massive wars the people of this world have been drawn.

The ultimate antithesis is fluoride sets up the ultimate contrast between reasons for communism's ban on religion and those that pillory people with religion for power and control. Lost between the paradigms is the factor of good and the real God. The real dialectics Jesus spoke of are missing. The fact is that in the US, the war on communism used the church. The catharsis that exposes all is the study of fluoride connections to Egypt, the biblical narratives of Moses, and Jesus objections toward these spiritual words that attempted to conceal the real story. It is a story that most of the Jews that know Torah and Talmud know well.

It gets down to a method for the NWO, where the god of Moses is slipped into the bible narratives and not explained well to the Christian masses. It is explained so poorly that most think the god of Moses, the nationalistic human built god of the Jews, and the God of Jesus are one in the same. It is this omission and the conspiracy of silence tied to it, that is part of the Jews thinking their subtle take over methods are acceptable to organized religion in the US and the world. The war on communism has been used by the power seeking methods of the Jews to take economic control of the US.

It is ultimately the evangelical uses of spirituality to embellish these issues in such a way as to confuse and obfuscate them that empowered this sinister oligarchy. It is done because these evangelicals are more interested in loosing a little money from the pocketbooks of their parishioners, more-so than telling the full story of correct spiritually and incorrect conspiracies of silence of the whole story. The real story is the church, as an ultimate weapon against communism and a tool for the Jews conquest, has presented a lie and a conspiracy of silence. The "War on Communism" that joined the Jews and the Christians against Russia also deadlocked the "Second Coming" of Christ issue.

These are the methods of power and control using the false concepts presented by those of religion. This is the story of how science met religion in the Manhattan Project and beyond---and how the real message of Jesus was introduced to most in the US National Security system. Many of the very same interests that covered up the dangers of fluoride were the same players that cover up the reasons JFK was assassinated. It is the strong overlap of fluoride-related issues into Jewish / Torah religion factors and how these influenced the church and the war on Communism that played the essential role in the death of JFK. Details. This is why Oak Ridge's Y-12 plant played a preeminent role in the assassination of JFK by networking with Jacob Rubenstein, AKA Jack Ruby.

The war against communism is a no win when the best defenses are based upon a lie, and likewise a democracy built upon the false concepts of religion is doomed to be taken from within, a people exploited. Likewise, the church cannot be called a Church based in Christ, unless these truths become known. The Church has become a part of the Conspiracy of Silence that leads the flock astray. The only way to proceed now is all the facts on the table, the end of the secrecy, and return to the concepts of equality to all the people.

I hope that each of you have enjoyed these insights into the inner secrets of the Manhattan Project and the health effects of fluorides. May these secrets unleashed here set all free to enter a kinder and gentler time. One can see how fluorine is the Bane of man's existence on Earth, but it is also the axis of knowledge that leads everyone toward and better understanding of man, nature, and God.

1. Fluoride seeks bone and there upsets the beneficial trace metals in the immune system cells formed there. Fluoride is an enzyme poison and reduces the enzyme glutathione based on selenium that clears toxic metals from the body. [Ref 4] Rising levels of fluoride induce toxic metal poisoning and excessive free radical damage to cells from mitochondrial malfunction. It is the prime cause for the HIV pandemic worldwide via manganese availability reduction in cells. Fluoride is the same bone marrow and immune cell health damage effect that Sr-90 presented from nuclear testing due to damage to the RNase L enzyme process that controls viral infections of cells.

2. Fluoride rising in the environment with toxic trace metals like aluminum form AlFx protein that damage G-protein signal systems for TSH, leading to GSH depletion damage of the immune cells in the lymph nodes, cells in other organs and tissues. Fluoride-aluminum complexes shut down the ability of the cells to produce GSH and SOD, particularly in the lymph system's control for varied pathogens in the cells. This is a prime effect for CFS, Cancers, and AIDs.

3. Fluoride is antagonistic toward the generation of melatonin and serotonin in the body and this effect causes the lowering of the age of puberty in children and the rising need for drugs like SSRIs to attempt to control rising problems with sexual promiscuity, rage, and violence.

4. Fluoride upsets the thyroid hormones from both the liver and thyroid process and causes problems associated with rise in obesity to ability to do daily duties.

5. Fluoride levels in the bone literally set the entire progression of human and animal life in this planet. The rise of fluorine in the body determines puberty and decline of learning abilities via melatonin / serotonine effects. The rise of cumulative fluorine determines immune system viability leading to illness and disease over time and literally death. Bone concentrations of fluorine exactly track these developmental phases of humans and even sets up their life-span and death.

6. Fluoride and fluorine are some of the veiled effects spoken about in biblical narratives and the exploitation of this secret of fluorine is used by various political and religion factions to take control of countries like the US.

Lucky discovery uncovers cancer-proof mouse By Shaoni Bhattacharya
A cancer-proof mouse, which can survive being injected with any number of cancer cells, has been discovered by US scientists. The discovery of the resistant mouse could pave the way for future gene or drug therapies if the mechanism by which it fights cancer can be understood
Researchers at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina have now bred a colony of 700 cancer-proof mice from the resistant male they stumbled across while doing other experiments.

Doctors have known for many years that in rare cases, cancers can mysteriously clear up of their own accord. But this is the first time such cancer-killing ability has been shown to be genetic.

"The power of this resistance seems to be unlimited," said biochemist Zheng Cui, the study leader. "You can give them many, many tumour cells and the mice get rid of them."
"This is at a preliminary stage, but very promising," adds pathologist Mark Willingham, another member of the team. "Our hope is that, some day, this will have an impact on human cancer."

Seven generations
The scientists discovered the original cancer-proof mouse by luck during experiments in which mice were injected with soft tissue cancers, called sarcomas. Despite repeated injections, one mouse did not develop cancer. When this mouse bred with a normal mouse, some of their offspring were resistant. And these resistant mice were also able to confer resistance, for at least seven generations. "The resistance appears to be caused by just one gene, or a cluster of closely related genes," Cui told New Scientist.

The cancer-killing ability of the mice was unusually consistent with different types of cancer. "What's surprising is it appears these mice are able to recognise something in common to all cancer cell lines," said Cui. "Usually it's difficult to find a common theme."

Willingham told New Scientist that the cancer cells are killed by the mice in a "somewhat novel" way. The body's usual first line of defence against invaders - white blood cells called T-cells - were not employed. Instead the body's innate immune system, consisting of cells like neutrophils and macrophages, attacked the tumour cells and ruptured them.

Previous mice bred so that their immune systems could beat cancer went on the develop autoimmune diseases, but that did not happen with these mice. One significant puzzle that remains is how the mice detect the cancer cells in the first place. Cui speculates that some kind of diffusible factor from the tumour may betray the deadly cells.

Paul Ko Ferrigno, a cancer biologist at the MRC's cancer cell research unit in Cambridge, UK, calls the findings "very tantalising". "I'm intrigued and excited. If they can pin down what the immune basis for resistance to cancer is it should be straightforward to train a patient's immune system to do the same," he told New Scientist. Although they are preliminary, the study's findings have "huge potential", he says.

The top priority now, says Willingham, is to identify the mouse gene responsible for the resistance. "Because of the Human Genome Project, we could then look for a correlate gene in humans," he said.

Journal reference: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: (doi/10.1073/pnas.1031601100)

Manganese blocks HIV replication; Lab finding points to potential new class of HIV treatments
Johns Hopkins scientists have found that simply increasing manganese in cells can halt HIV's unusual ability to process its genetic information backwards, providing a new way to target the process's key driver, an enzyme called reverse transcriptase.

By measuring DNA produced by a related reverse transcriptase in yeast, the Hopkins team discovered that higher than normal levels of manganese, caused by a defective gene, dramatically lowered the enzyme's activity. The scientists then proved that HIV's reverse transcriptase responds to manganese in the same way. Hopkins graduate student Eric Bolton determined that the defective gene is PMR1, whose protein carries both manganese and calcium out of cells. Using special yeast developed by others at Hopkins, he discovered that manganese stops reverse transcriptase, the team reports in the April 26 issue of Molecular Cell.

"These results really point to a never-before-proposed way to try to stop HIV in its tracks -- that simply manipulating concentrations of a metal, manganese, can have a profound effect on reverse transcriptase," says Jef Boeke, Ph.D., professor of molecular biology and genetics at the school's Institute for Basic Biomedical Sciences. "We expect the human equivalent of PMR1 could be a good target for developing new drugs against HIV."

Retroviruses like HIV use reverse transcriptase to make copies of their DNA from RNA, the opposite of how genetic information is usually processed in cells. Each retrovirus has a distinct version of the enzyme, identical in function but different in form and sequence, says Boeke, also a professor of oncology.

The scientists found that each reverse transcriptase they studied has at least two places where manganese and the similar metal magnesium can "dock." Having these spots filled with the right metal is crucial for the enzyme's activity -- its ability to read a particular set of RNA, the scientists learned. When the metals' balance is out of whack, the enzyme doesn't work properly, they report.

"Most reverse transcriptases we studied prefer to bind magnesium. At the very least they were more active when magnesium was bound to them," says Boeke. "But a little extra manganese changes the activity of the enzyme."

Normally, charged magnesium ions outnumber those of manganese by the thousands inside cells. Having just three times more manganese than normal can cut the activity of HIV's reverse transcriptase in half, the scientists report, even though there's still much more magnesium.
HIV's ability to adapt and overcome drugs means that current treatments like AZT, which target reverse transcriptase directly, generally stop working over time. Using a combination of drugs helps block the virus on many fronts, but finding new drugs or a new class of drugs is needed to help keep the virus at bay. The new work suggests that targeting a cell's manganese transporter could be an effective way to stop HIV from replicating, without targeting HIV's reverse transcriptase directly.

"We've been working under the idea that studying reverse transcriptase in yeast may help improve understanding of retroviruses and lead to new ways to deal with HIV," says Boeke. "By studying yeast genetics we made an important discovery about how HIV works and have identified a target for a new class of anti-retroviral drug. It was completely unexpected, but very satisfying."

The yeast that were missing PMR1 appeared fine, suggesting that targeting the manganese transporter in humans may be relatively safe, the scientists suggest. It's not known whether targeting manganese levels will have a therapeutic benefit, but the mantra of HIV treatment is to reduce the number of copies of the virus.

The studies were funded by the National Institutes of Health. Albert Mildvan, M.D., professor of biological chemistry, is also an author of the report.

AlFx: the useful tool in laboratory investigations, but potential danger for humans.
Anna Strunecká, Charles University Prague, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Physiology and Developmental Biology, Czech Republic. Jirí Patocka, Military Medical Academy, Department of Toxicology, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic. Andreas Schuld, Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children, Vancouver, Canada.

Summary Aluminofluoride complexes (AlFx) have been widely used in laboratory investigations for stimulation of various guanine nucleotide-binding proteins. These complexes are able to simulate phosphate groups in many biochemical reactions. They are formed in water solutions containing fluoride and traces of aluminum. Reflecting on many studies, which utilize AlFx in laboratory investigations, a new view of fluoride and aluminum toxicity can be suggested. Moreover, many ecological studies bring evidence about the detrimental effects of fluoride and aluminum ions in humans. The hidden danger of their long-term action is not fully recognized at this point.

Introduction Transfer of phosphate groups is the basic mechanism in the regulation of the activity of numerous enzymes, energy metabolism, cell signaling, and regulation of cell growth. Phosphate is an important component of phospholipids in the cell membranes. In view of the ubiquity of phosphate in cell metabolism, a phosphoryl transfer transition state analog might represent a useful tool for laboratory investigations, but also a strong potential danger for living organisms including humans. Such compound has been already found, described, and opted for molecule of the month March 1997 1,2,3. Moreover, the new phosphate analog has been used in experimental work in numerous laboratories.

Scientists need not buy this powerful compound through any catalog or drug store. Fluoride anions, generally introduced as NaF solutions, have long been known to influence the activity of various enzymes and the GTP binding proteins (G proteins). These proteins are part of a three-component transmembrane signaling system that serve as intermediaries carrying signals from numerous receptors to the cell interior. It has been later demonstrated that the effects primarily attributed to fluoride are caused by aluminofluoride complexes (AlFx) because experiments were performed in the presence of trace amounts of aluminum. This fact had at first been ignored because aluminum is a normal component of glass from which it is etched by a solution with fluoride 4.

However, the exact structure of the activatory complexes able to simulate PO43- group in many biochemical reactions, were disputed. AlFx (where x = 1-6) forms in aqueous solutions of fluoride and aluminum. The different coordination numbers of aluminum originate mainly from the difference of pH 3, 5. The bound AlFx occurs as AlF3 at pH 8.5 but as AlF4 at pH 4.5.
AlFx - phosphoryl transfer transition state analog Analogies between a phosphate group and aluminofluoride complexes consist in atomic and molecular similarities.

The fluorine atom has the same size and the same valence orbitals as oxygen. Of course, fluorine is more electronegative than oxygen and has greater capacity for forming hydrogen bonds. Aluminum is close to phosphorus, their valence electrons are in the same shell. An Al-F bond is the same length as a P-O bond in phosphate, i.e.1.5 to1.6 Å. Like phosphorus, aluminum has possible coordination numbers of 1 - 6, due to the possible hybridization of its outer shell 3p electrons with the 3d orbitals. AlFx are not permanent, equilibria exist between the various possible complexes, depend on the excess concentration of free F- ions and on the pH of the solution 1, 3, 5.

These complexes can bind to proteins by hydrogen bonds to the fluorine atoms just as to oxygen atoms of a phosphate ion. So can arise an aluminofluoride analog of pyrophosphate, R-O-PO2-O-AlF3, which may be bound at the site for the (-phosphate. Thus, for instance, in a GTP-binding protein whose nucleotide site already contains a GDP, an aluminofluoride complex can form hydrogen bonds with the donor groups of the (-phosphate site and bind ionically to the terminal oxygen of the (-phosphate of the GDP. Enzyme-bound ADP or GDP could therefore form a complex with the AlFx that imitated ATP or GTP.

However, an important functional difference between a phosphate group and the structurally analogous AlFx complexes exists 1,6. In phosphate, oxygen is covalently bound to the phosphorus and does not exchange with oxygen from solvent. In AlFx, ionic bonds are formed between the electropositive aluminum and the highly electronegative fluorine. While the reaction of a bound phosphate compound with orthophosphate is endergonic and slow, the corresponding reaction with AlFx is rapid and spontaneous. AlFx bind ionically to the terminal oxygen of GDP (-phosphate. Enzyme-bound GDP or ADP could therefore form a complex with AlFx that imitates ATP or GTP in its effect on protein conformation. This effect often causes a structural change that locks the site and prevents the dissociation of the trisphosphate.

AlFx in laboratory studies Low cost and availability of these fluorometallic complexes contributed probably to the fact that their use as a useful tool in laboratory studies of G proteins widely spread 1,7. The heterotrimeric G proteins mediate the transfer of information from receptor to effector molecules. These studies brought a great deal of knowledge about the involvement of G proteins in cell signaling. Numerous papers bring evidence that AlFx influence various functions and biochemical reactions of all cells and tissues of the animal or human organisms with powerful pharmacological efficacy. Fluoride in the presence of trace amounts of aluminum affects all blood elements, endothelial cells and blood circulation, the function of lymphocytes and cells of the immune system, bone cells, fibroblasts and keratinocytes, ion transport, calcium influx and mobilization, processes of neurotransmission, growth and differentiation of cells, protein phosphorylation, and cytoskeletal proteins 7. It is not surprising in respect to the role of G proteins in signal transduction.

Physiological agonists of G protein-coupled receptors include neurotransmitters and hormones, such as dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, serotonin, acetylcholine, glucagon, vasopressin, melatonin, TSH, neuropeptides, opioids, excitatory amino acids, prostanoids, purines, photons and odorants 8.

It has been demonstrated that AlFx may clone or potentiate the action of numerous extracellular signals. The principle of amplification of the initial signal during its conversion into the functional response has been a widely accepted tenet in cell physiology. AlFx therefore affects the levels of second messenger molecules, including c AMP, phosphoinositide signaling system, and cytosolic calcium homeostasis. Biological signaling pathways interact with one another to form complex networks 9.

The discoveries of receptor diversity, numerous G proteins, and phospholipase C families, broadens enormously the possibilities of interactions of signal transduction events. The question as to how cells manage to make the right responses at the right times is still disputed. The phosphate-analog models of AlFx action have been accepted for G-proteins but may be extended to all enzymes that bind phosphate or nucleoside-polyphosphate. AlFx mimicks a phosphoryl group being transferred. Phosphoryl transfer reactions are involved in processes such as energy transduction, regulation of cell growth, activation of metabolites, and cytoskeletal proteins assembly.

Evidence about the action of AlFx in humans The interpretation of laboratory investigations using isolated animal and human cells or tissues on the intact human organism could be discussed. Nevertheless, many ecological and clinical studies bring evidence about the detrimental effects of synergistic action of fluoride and aluminum ions in humans.
Most of the ill effects caused by fluoride were first recognized among workers in aluminum factories, where fluoride and aluminum are present in high concentrations. The levels of fluoride in serum, urine, and hair of these workers are higher than in the control subjects 10.

Osteoarthritis and related disorders in such workers have been reported since the 1930 s 11. Observation of industrial fluorosis (osteosclerosis) led to the use of fluoride as a treatment to increase bone mass in osteoporosis patients. Psychiatric disturbances were also reported in aluminum smelter workers 12 - 14. The study of persons living near an enamel factory reports a distinct decline in mental activity, poorer memory, inability to coordinate thoughts and reduced ability to write. Those living further away from the factory were less affected and had lower urinary fluoride content (14). Chronic effects of fluorides on the pituitary-thyroid gland system in industrial workers engaged in fluorine production showed also moderate functional changes 15.

Fluoride intoxication with multiple nonspecific symptoms has been observed in chronic hemodialysis patients 16. In some regions, the water used for the dialysate also contained a lot of aluminum. Some patients used aluminum-containing medications. Moreover, patients with renal failure cannot remove aluminum from the blood. Elevated aluminum levels have been also implicated as the cause of dialysis encephalopathy or dementia 17. Dialysis dementia can arise after three to seven years of hemodialysis treatment. Speech disorders precede dementia and convulsions.

Fluoride has been used in the prevention of tooth decay for over 50 years. While official medicine is convinced that the epidemiological evidence that fluoride protects against dental caries is overwhelming 18 many studies reporting and evaluating the risks and adverse effects of fluoride on human organism were published during the same period 19 - 21. Some of them demonstrate the positive correlation between the higher intake of fluoride and osteoarthritis, changes in bone structure, and various non- specific symptoms. Reduction of children intelligence 22, 23, various psychiatric symptoms in adults, such as memory impairment, and difficulties with concentration and thinking were reported 19 - 21. Elevated fluoride content was found in embryonic brain tissues obtained from required abortions in areas where fluorosis was prevalent. These studies showed poor differentiation of brain nerve cells and delayed brain development 24.

Understanding the role of phosphate and G proteins in cell signaling allows to accept the fact that fluoride in the environment, water, and food chains followed by aluminum, can evoke various and multiple pathological symptoms 19, 25. The endocrine glands such as the parathyroid gland, the thyroid, the pituitary gland, and the pineal gland, are extremely sensitive to fluoride (25, 26). Of particular importance relating to G protein activation is the ability of fluorides to clone the role of thyroid-stimulating-hormone (TSH). Fluoride is used in laboratory animals specifically to substitute for TSH. The synergistic action of thyroid on fluoride toxicity has been reported since 1940. Fluorides effects on thyroid hormone synthesis can be observed on many different levels. There is a direct dose-response relationship with iodine: the higher the fluoride intake - the lower the iodine in the system. The major areas of iodine deficiency are identical to endemic fluorosis areas. The comparison of fluoride toxicity symptoms and symptoms of thyroid disorders has been reviewed 25. The functional changes of the hypophysis-thyroid gland system caused by disorders of the regulatory chain and fluorine impact on thyroid hormones metabolism at the level of target cells were reported 15. Moreover, the melatonin concentrations were positively correlated with TSH levels in hypothyroidism, and negatively correlated with T3 in hyperthyroidism 27. Regarding the crucial role of the thyroid in regulation of growth, development, and metabolism of many tissues, AlFx might influence the proper function of the entire human body.

Chronic exposure of humans to AlFx begins in the foetus 21, 24. Every minute at least one child is dying due to excess fluoride exposure dressed up as iodine deficiency. High fluoride exposure appears to weaken mental function among children, as well as adults. In respect to the etiology of Alzheimer s disease, the long term action of AlFx also represents a serious and powerful risk factor for the development of this new threat of human civilization epidemy (28). AlFx may affect all pathological hallmarks of this disease: processes of neurotransmission, ( amyloid generation, plaque formation, metabolism of apolipoprotein E, protein tau phosphorylation, cytoskeletal protein organization, transport of ions, energy metabolism, and calcium homeostasis 29,30. In light of the published findings, the AlFx s harm to intelligence would not be neglected by responsible scientists and physicians. AlFx represent serious hidden danger for homeostasis, metabolism, growth, and differentiation of the living organism including humans.
Fluoride and aluminum in ecosystems Aluminum, the metal of the earth's lithosphere, is everywhere: in water sources, in nourishment, in different food additives and also in air in the form of dust particles. Aluminum is present in all living organisms including human 31. It has, until relatively recently, existed in forms not generally available to living organisms, and was therefore regarded as non-toxic. With the appearance of acid rains and the use of aluminum in industry, there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of uncomplexed aluminum in ecosystems. The water supply industry uses aluminum salts to produce a less turbid drinking water. In the UK, concentrations of between 0.01 and 3.5 mg/l have been found in potable waters 32. Toxic effects of increased aluminum concentration have already been observed in some animal and plant species living in lakes with aluminum concentrations of between 0.1 and 0. 8 mg/l 31.

Fluoride comes from fluoridated water, from crops grown with fluoridated water, from medicines, dental products, pesticides, fertilizers, fuels. About 143, 000 tons are pumped yearly into drinking water supplies in the U.S.A. 500, 000 tons a year goes into fresh waters and the sea, 155, 000 tons of fluoride are released annually into America s air 21. Industrial fertilizers and pesticides increase the amount of this element in agricultural products and food sources 21, 33. Several studies reported a high content of fluoride and aluminum in all tested Chinese, Indian and herbal teas (34). A cup of green tea can contain up to 22 mg of fluoride, as much as 22 l of fluoridated water, a cup of black tea 17.25 mg. Tea is the second most-consumed beverage after water in the world. That the aluminum present in tea is indeed resorbed in the simultaneous presence of fluoride was demonstrated in healthy male volunteers after drinking equal volumes (1.2 l) of tea, coffee or tap water on separate days. In every case the amount of the urinary excreted aluminum increased on the day when tea was taken. The results indicated that tea consumption must be considered in any assessment of the total dietary intake of aluminum in human beings 35.

Reports of fluorosis popped up in the 1970's when phosphate fertilizer plants dramatically increased production. For more than one hundred years, Florida has been a major producer of superphosphate fertilizer. Residents have complained at different times of difficulty in breathing, sore throats, and various nonspecific health problems due to excessive emissions from phosphate fertilizer plants. Spills from toxic waste water ponds dump hundreds of millions of gallons of highly acidic water laced with toxic fluorides, into rivers and streams. People living near phosphate fertilizer plants are twice as likely to develop lung cancer and osteoblastic leukemia 36.

No one can predict what happens in the human body after a truly chronic exposure to an increased content of fluoride and aluminum in body fluids and in various tissues. The severity and the development of the symptoms depend on a person s age, genetic background, nutrition status, kidney function, and many other factors. The natural barrier systems for aluminum such as low absorption in the gastro-intestinal tract, and various physiological ligands, such as citrate, phosphate, and silicic acid, were efficient buffers preventing the increased intake of this metal in natural conditions. The population is now exposed to soluble aluminum, which is more bioavailable. The presence of fluoride caused more aluminum to cross the blood-brain barrier and be deposited in the brain of rat 37. This study compared behavior, body weight, plasma, and brain fluoride levels after NaF exposures during late gestation, at weaning or in adults. Rats exposed as adults displayed behavior-specific changes typical of cognitive deficits, whereas rats exposed prenatally had dispersed behaviors typical of hyperactivity. Aluminum-induced neural degeneration in rats is greatly enhanced when the animals were fed low doses of fluoride 38.
Conclusions The discovery of AlFx as a new class of phosphate analog brought numerous demonstrations of their powerful pharmacological efficacy. It is not surprising in respect to the role of G proteins in signal transduction. G proteins take part in an enormous variety of biological signaling systems, helping control almost all important life processes 39. It might seem difficult to decide if numerous laboratory experiments demonstrate a potential toxicological risk of fluoride and aluminum for the human population. The origins of many human diseases are in the functioning (and malfunctioning) of signaling components 9. Pharmacologists estimate that up to 60% of all medicines used today exert their effects through G protein signaling pathways (39). However, it is evident that AlFx is a molecule giving the false information amplified by processes of signal transmission.

The understanding of mechanism of action of these fluorometallic complexes could allow us to explain numerous observations about the effects of increased amount of fluoride and aluminum in the environment, drinks, and food. Fluoridation of public water treated with aluminum salts together with the wide use of fluoride and aluminum in medicine, industry, and agriculture, started the era of supplementation of human bodies with these ions as never before in the history of human race. Science has already accumulated evidence about their detrimental effects on the living organism. It seems that scientists still need more significant data to be sure about the causal relationship between the action of AlFx and disturbances of human health. However, numerous published reports bring us at least strong warning.

Chronic exposure of humans to AlFx begins during the first trimester in the womb. It is evident that children are at highest risk. It therefore follows that the sources of fluoride available to children must get addressed first, prioritizing on sources with highest content. For many this is not only water. For some it is fluoride in formula and prepared cereals, for others it is exposure to coal smoke during cooking. For others yet it is close vicinity to power plants with high fluoride emissions, or exposure to other fluoride-emitting industries. Then there are fruit juices and iced tea products, the first beverages introduced to toddlers, as well as toothpaste and other dental products. Vaccines, allergy skin tests, 25% human serum albumin, baby skin creams, baby diaper wipes, and antacids, which are frequently given to infants, are extremely high in aluminum. For adults, the accumulation continues from suntan lotion, cookware, aluminum cans and skin moisturizers. Such items as deodorants, vaginal douches and baby wipe not only have high aluminum content, but are applied to areas wherethere is far greater tendency to absorption through the skin.

The increasing content of fluorides and aluminum in food chains has raised the possibility that the near future will supply us with much more data about the danger of AlFx for humans, if it has not already done so. How long shall we wait to obtain evidence about the destructive actions of AlFx on the human race? How many subjects including ourselves, our children and our friends, shall we need for an overwhelming study?

Information about the authors:
Anna Strunecká, Professor of Physiology, Charles University, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Physiology and Developmental Biology, Vinieckná 7, 128 00 Prague, Czech Republic. Email: Faculty of Sciences, biology and chemistry, graduated in 1966, Ph.D. in normal and pathological physiology 197O, DSc in physiology 1988 Charles University, Professor of physiology 1988. 1981 - 199O Head of the Department of Physiology, Faculty of Sciences, Charles University. pa: New York Academy of Science, International Union of Physiological Science, International Union of Biochemical Science. Her previous research was focused on the role of phospholipids, phosphoinositides, and calcium ions in the regulation of cell metabolism. She addressed her work to the implications in the development of pathological states of cells in blood diseases, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer s disease. The interactions of phosphoinositide signaling system with cytoskeletal proteins in red blood cells and the effect of aluminofluoride complexes were studied. In the past research the insect flight muscle, rat hepatocytes, human red blood cells, and platelets were used. She has published more than 15O scientific papers, four textbooks, and numerous articles in the lay press. She has 3O years experience teaching biologists, biochemists, and biophysicists. Her biography is included in, e.g., Who s Who of Women, Who s Who in Science in Europe, Who s Who of Professional and Business Women, etc. She is the Associate Editor of the News in Physiological Sciences and a member of the American Biographical Institute s Research Board of Advisors.

Jirí Patocka, Professor of toxicology, Department of Toxicology, Military Academy, Vimkova 870, 500 01 Hradec Králové, Czech Republic email: Faculty of Sciences, chemistry and physics, graduated in 1962, PhD in biochemistry 1974, DSc in toxicology 1992. Head research worker and Professor of toxicology at the Department of Toxicology, Military Academy, Hradec Králové. Member of the Czech Chemical Society, Czech Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Czech histo- and Cytochemical Society, Czech Society of Industrial Toxicology, Czech Society of Biological Psychiatry, Czech Psychopharmacological Society, The European Peptide Society and IBRO. He has published more than 250 scientific papers and presented more than 200 lectures and posters on scientific meetings. Co-autor of 8 books and/or textbooks. Almost 400 citations to SCI. His scientific work focuses on the biochemical mechanisms of toxic action of different biologically active compounds, mainly on inhibition of cholinesterases, include their application as Alzheimer s disease drugs and on the function of centrally active anticholinesterases and different peptides in teaching and memory processes.

Fluoride 2004; 37(1): 7-12.
Fluoride effects on glutathione peroxidase and lipid peroxidation in rats.
I Inkielewicz I,(a) J Krechniak (a,b)
a Department of Toxicology, Medical University of Gdansk. b For Correspondence: Dept. of Toxicology, Medical University of Gdansk. 80-416, Gdansk, Al. Gen. Hallera 107, Poland, Email:

SUMMARY: Eight-week old male Wistar rats weighing 180 g were given sodium fluoride in drinking water at a concentration of 5 and 25 mg F-/L for 12 weeks. Control animals received tap water containing 0.3 mg F-/L. The activity of glutathione peroxidase and the concentration of malondialdehye (MDA) were determined in kidney, liver, brain, testis, and blood or plasma. In exposed animals the activity of glutathione peroxidase decreased significantly, and the concentration of MDA increased in a dose and exposure-time dependent manner. The results of this study confirm other reports that fluoride induces free radical toxicity in animals.
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