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Communities United Against Police Brutality

Organizations Working on Police Brutality and Accountability

October 22nd National Coalition:

ACLU Police Practices Project:

Idriss Stelley Foundation:

National Coalition on Police Accountability:

National Lawyers Guild, National Police Accountability Project:

Police Complaint Center:

Police Crimes:

Refuse & Resist!:

Stolen Lives Project:

Law Office of Blake Horwitz (attorney specializing in police brutality cases):

Reports on Police Brutality:Amnesty International's Race, Rights and Police Brutality:

Amnesty International's Report: Police Brutality and Excessive Force:

Amnesty International's Torture Report:

Human Rights Watch's Shielded from Justice--Police Brutality and Accountability in the United States:

Information on "Less Lethal" Weapons Including Chemical Irritants and TasersA Short and Sordid History of Pepper Spray:

An Appraisal of the Technologies of Political Control:

Bibliography of "An Appraisal of the Technologies of Political Control":

Chemical Cops: Tear Gas And Pepper Spray Can Be Deadly:

CPRC Report, Oleoresin Capsicum in Buffalo:

Dugway Report (Great info on chemical composition of Freeze + P):

The Effect of Police Officer Confidence on Officer Injuries and Excessive Force Complaints (includes info on cop killed by bad pepper spray training):

FBI Report, Oleoresin Capsicum Training and Use:

HowStuffWorks: What does tear gas do?:

Inmates Sue Florida Over Pepper Spray, Tear Gas Torture:

Is CS Gas Dangerous?:

Montreal Medical Team Exposes Documents on Tear Gas Danger:

Pepper Spray Gets in Their Eyes, Media Missed Militarization of Police Work in Seattle:

Pepper Spray Madness (deaths from pepper spray):

Personal Defense Sprays: Effects and Management of [Ocular] Exposure:

Police Sprayed Deadly Toxins at WTO; Accused of "Chemical Warfare" by MD:

The Power and Controversy of Pepper Sprays:

Preparing for "Sudden Death!":

Protester First Aid (Black Cross Collective Guide):

Study by a Street Medic Suggests Long-Term Effects of Tear Gas:

Tear Gas and Pepper Spray Reference for Medics:

Treatment of Riot Control Agents: Tear Gas and Pepper Spray:

U.S. Government Use of Chemical Weapons Against U.S. Citizens:

The Use and Abuse of Pepper Spray (Legal article by By Lynne Wilson, Seattle Attorney):

Use of Aerosol Weapons by Law Enforcement:

Use of CS Gas in Gulf is Illegal, says Red Cross:

Virtual Naval Hospital, Textbook of Military Medicine: Medical Aspects of Chemical and Biological Warfare: Chapter 12, Riot Control Agents (Definitive website for detailed info on medical effects of chemical irritants):

Article on Pepper Spray:

Information on Positional Asphyxia and HogtyingAsphyxial Death During Prone Restraint Revisited: A Report of 21 Cases:

Patient Restraint & Restraint Asphyxia Newz Directory:

Information on Handcuffing and Handcuff NeuropathyAfterCare: Handcuff Injuries:

Cheiralgia Paresthetica (Handcuff Neuropathy):

Complaints of Pain After Use of Handcuffs Should Not be Dismissed:

Focal Neurological Complications of Handcuff Application:

Handcuff Neuropathy: Two Unusual Cases:

Handcuffing, Advance Stacking Techniques:

Liability Constraints on Human Restraints:

Orthopedic Injuries Experienced by U.S. Prisoners of War During Operation Desert Storm: A Descriptive Analysis:

PC Wins Handcuff Damages:

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