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"The West must NUKE other countries..." by Paul Craig Roberts and USA use canon fodder from other war in South America

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The “Brutal World”

How did Western Civilization get a monopoly on “moral conscience” when it has no morality?
By Paul Craig Roberts

“The first use of nuclear weapons must remain in the quiver of escalation as the ultimate instrument to prevent the use of weapons of mass destruction.” Five Western military leaders.

23/01/08 "ICH" -- -- I read the statement three times trying to figure out the typo. Then it hit me, the West has now out-Owellled Orwell: The West must nuke other countries in order to prevent the use of weapons of mass destruction! In Westernspeak, the West nuking other countries does not qualify as the use of weapons of mass destruction.

The astounding statement comes from a paper prepared for a Nato summit in April by five top military leaders--an American, a German, a Dutchman, a Frenchman, and a Brit. It can be found here: [,,2244782,00.html ]

The paper, prepared by men regarded as distinguished leaders and not as escapees from insane asylums, argues that “the West’s values and way of life are under threat, but the West is struggling to summon the will to defend them.” The leaders find that the UN is in the way of the West’s will, as is the European Union which is obstructing NATO and “NATO’s credibility is at stake in Afghanistan.”

And that’s a serious matter. If NATO loses its credibility in Afghanistan, Western civilization will collapse just like the Soviet Union. The West just doesn’t realize how weak it is. To strengthen itself, it needs to drop more and larger bombs.

The German military leader blames the Merkel government for contributing to the West’s inability to defend its values by standing in the way of a revival of German militarism. How can Germany be “a reliable partner” for America, he asks, if the German government insists on “special rules” limiting the combat use of its forces in Afghanistan?

Ron Asmus, head of the German Marshall Fund and a former US State Department official, welcomed the paper as “a wake-up call.” Asmus means a call to wake-up to the threats from the brutal world, not to the lunacy of Western leaders.

Who, what is threatening the West’s values and way of life? Political fanaticism, religious fundamentalism, and the imminent spread of nuclear weapons, answer the five asylum escapees.
By political fanaticism, do they mean the neoconservatives who believe that the future of humanity depends on the US establishing its hegemony over the world? By religious fundamentalism, do they mean “rapture evangelicals” agitating for armageddon or Christian and Israeli Zionists demanding a nuclear attack on Iran? By spread of nuclear weapons, do they mean Israel’s undeclared and illegal possession of several hundred nuclear weapons?
No. The paranoid military leaders see all the fanaticism, religious and otherwise, and all the threats to humanity as residing outside Western civilization (Israel is inside). The “increasingly brutal world,” of which the leaders warn, is “over there.” Only Muslims are fanatics. All us white guys are rational and sane.

There is nothing brutal about the US/Nato bombing of Serbia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, or the Israeli bombing of Lebanon, or the Israeli ethnic cleansing of the West Bank, or the genocide Israel hopes to commit against Palestinians in Gaza.

All of this, as well as America’s bombing of Somalia, America’s torture dungeons, show trials of “detainees,” and overthrow of elected governments and installation of puppet rulers, is the West’s necessary response to keep the brutal world at bay.

Brutal things happen in the “brutal world” and are entirely the fault of those in the brutal world. None of this would happen if the inhabitants of the brutal world would just do as they are told. How can the civilized world with its monopoly on morality allow people in the brutal world to behave independently? I mean, really! God forbid, they might attack some innocent country.
The “brutal world” consists of those immoral fanatics who object to being marginalized by the West and who reply to mass bombings from the air and to the death and destruction inflicted on them through myriad ways by strapping on a suicide bomb.

Unable to impose its will on countries it has invaded with conventional arms, the West’s military leaders are now prepared to force compliance with the moral world’s will by threatening to nuke those who resist. You see, since the West has the monopoly on morality, truth, and justice, those in the outside world are obviously evil, wicked and brutal. Therefore, as President Bush tells us, it is a simple choice between good and evil, and there’s no better candidate than evil for being nuked. The sooner we can get rid of the brutal world, the sooner we will have “freedom and democracy” everywhere that’s left.

Meanwhile, the United States, the great moral light unto the world, has just prevented the United Nations from censuring Israel, the world’s other great moral light, for cutting off food supplies, medical supplies, and electric power to Gaza. You see, Gaza is in the outside world and is a home of the bad guys. Moreover, the wicked Palestinians there tricked the US when the US allowed them to hold a free election. Instead of electing the US candidate, the wicked voters elected a government that would represent them. The US and Israel overturned the Palestinian election in the West Bank, but those in Gaza clung to the government that they had elected. Now they are going to suffer and die until they elect the government that the US and Israel wants. I mean, how can we expect people in the brutal world to know what’s best for them?
The fact that the UN tried to stop Israel’s just punishment of the Gazans shows how right the five leaders’ report is about the UN being a threat to Western values and way of life. The UN is really against us. This puts the UN in the outside world and makes it a candidate for being nuked if not an outright terrorist organization. As our president said, “you are with us or against us.”

The US and Israel need a puppet government in Palestine so that a ghettoized remnant of Palestine can be turned into a “two state solution.” The two states will be Israel incorporating the stolen West Bank and a Palestinian ghetto without an economy, water, or contiguous borders.

This is necessary in order to protect Israel from the brutal outside world.
Inhabitants of the brutal world are confused about the “self-determination” advocated by Western leaders. It doesn’t mean that those outside Western civilization and Israel should decide for themselves. “Self” means American. The term, so familiar to us, means “American-determination.” The US determines and others obey.

It is the brutal world that causes all the trouble by not obeying.

Dr. Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan administration. He is credited with curing stagflation and eliminating “Phillips curve” trade-offs between employment and inflation, an achievement now on the verge of being lost by the worst economic mismanagement in US history.

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José Jesús Gómez M show details 8:06 AM (3 hours ago) Reply

La paz con Colombia Por: Luis Britto García

1. A principios de los noventa salvé mi voto en un jurado que premió un guión cuya premisa era la inevitabilidad de la guerra entre Colombia y Venezuela. Un recluta venezolano (ratero, flojo y cobarde) y otro colombiano (noble, valiente y casto) se separaban de sus unidades y recorrían juntos una Venezuela pintada como un complejo de fábricas de armamentos y bases de las Farc. La calumniosa fábula se filmó con fondos venezolanos. Salvo de nuevo mi voto en el guión de guerra fratricida que nos quiere imponer George W. Bush. Las guerras se siembran en el imaginario y se cosechan en la realidad.

2 Por eso escribí en 2004 que "el plan maestro de Estados Unidos es que Venezuela le pelee su guerra en Colombia, y que Colombia le entregue el petróleo venezolano". Parto de tres evidentes premisas:

1) La potencia que pille las reservas de hidrocarburos del mundo lo dominará durante el medio siglo que duren. Para ello Estados Unidos promovió la guerra entre Irak e Irán, invadió Afganistán e Irak y apoyó el golpe de Estado de 2002 en Venezuela.

2) Estados Unidos no puede movilizar los contingentes que tal empresa requiere: sus fuerzas son casi todas mercenarias. Si nos invaden, dejan Irak a los iraquíes.

3) Estados Unidos requiere carne de cañón de otros pueblos para sus latrocinios. Por eso se sirve del sicariato en Chiapas, de los paramilitares guatemaltecos y de los ejércitos hondureño y panameño para forzar el corredor estratégico del Plan Puebla-Panamá, el cual culmina en el enclave militar del Plan Colombia, el Plan Patriota y el Plan Victoria, que implican una ofensiva de 18 mil soldados colombianos y 800 estadounidenses y una inversión de 7.000 millones de dólares, con la coartada de combatir la subversión y el objetivo de invadir América del Sur.

Con razón afirma Chávez que "Colombia es un país intervenido por Estados Unidos", el cual "está creando condiciones para generar un conflicto entre Colombia y Venezuela".

3 La invasión avisa. En el Plan Balboa, ejércitos de la Otan se ejercitaron en dividir a Venezuela en dos países, previo el asesinato de su presidente. Estados Unidos instaló en Curazao la base Hato Rey y la Reina Beatriz en Aruba; sus almirantes promueven el relanzamiento de la IV Flota del Caribe, con portaaviones nuclear incluido. El gobernador del Zulia, Manuel Rosales, abre el 2006 con una campaña secesionista.

Otra campaña presenta a Venezuela como narcotraficante, a pesar de su rango de tercer país del mundo en decomisos de droga desde que se libró de la DEA. Canales opositores infaman al presidente Chávez como cocainómano por probar una hoja de coca, que es como tildarlo de alcohólico por comerse una uva. También difunden un borroso video cuyo comentario miente que el alcalde bolivariano de Maracaibo, Di Martino, entregaría armas a las Farc.

El portavoz del Departamento de Estado, Shannon, afirma que no hay tales suministros. Pero el vicepresidente colombiano, Santos, amenaza con secuestrar a Di Martino. Internet divulga instrucciones para la oposición venezolana sobre cómo ayudar al Ejército de Estados Unidos en caso de invasión. Cuando los medios suenan, intervenciones traen.

4 Guerra avisada sí mata soldado. Según el International Institute for Strategic Studies, para 2001 el Ejército venezolano integra 82 mil efectivos; el de Colombia 138 mil. Según el World Economic Outlook, para 2005 Colombia presenta un gasto militar de 3.309 millones de dólares, 3,8% de su PIB; y Venezuela menos de la mitad: unos 1.477 millones, 1,6% de un PIB que asigna más de 9% a la educación. En Venezuela concluyó la insurgencia armada con la masacre de Cantaura en 1982; la Hermana República lleva 60 años de guerra civil ininterrumpida, e incrementa efectivos y gastos con las sucesivas movilizaciones del Plan Colombia. Venezuela compra en 2007 helicópteros de ataque, radares 3JYL-1, fusiles kalashnikovs, dos submarinos Lada, doce aviones de transporte AN-70, un sistema de defensa aérea S-300 con misiles tierra-aire, y 40 helicópteros. El Ejército colombiano nos supera en armamento y número de combatientes. Pero si nos invade, deja Colombia en manos de las Farc.

5 Nuestra mayor fragilidad reside en el frente interno. Venezuela cuenta con 27.483.200 habitantes, Colombia, con 43.430.000. Es posible que unos cuatro millones de colombianos estén dentro de nuestras fronteras. La inmensa mayoría es gente honesta, trabajadora y pacífica. Pero entre ellos se infiltran paramilitares que cobran vacuna, montan alcabalas y suplantan al hampa criolla en el narcotráfico, la trata de personas, el préstamo usurario y el juego ilegal. Bingos y casinos son las cabezas de playa de legitimación de capitales de esta invasión del crimen organizado.

Los paramilitares son la perfecta quinta columna para apoyar cualquier agresión internacional. Sus armas de gran potencia podrían quizá impedir nuestra movilización popular. Por el contrario, el número de venezolanos dentro de Colombia es insignificante. Gracias al régimen de doble nacionalidad del artículo 41 de la Constitución venezolana, personas con nacionalidad colombiana pueden ocupar todos los cargos de nuestro Ejército y de nuestros ministerios de la Defensa, de Relaciones Interiores y de Relaciones Exteriores, salvo el de ministros. La Constitución de la Hermana República dispone en su artículo 97 que "el colombiano, aunque haya renunciado a la calidad de nacional, que actúe contra los intereses del país en guerra exterior contra Colombia, será juzgado y penado como traidor". Nuestra Carta Magna no contempla ninguna norma que la equilibre o contrapese.

6 Ni venezolanos ni colombianos queremos una guerra en la cual el único ganador sería Estados Unidos. Sobre la ruina de nuestros países intentaría robarnos unos hidrocarburos que dos movimientos de resistencia popular le impedirán explotar.

Si Estados Unidos nos invade (Venezuela), pierde el mundo. La paz es la única victoria posible.


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