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Casco Viejo residents, working stiffs, aspiring politician and monsters too.

1991  Casco Viejo Bakery: The only woman PRD Primary Candidate for San Felipe Representative, life time resident, Banco Nacional de Panama, employee, Lidia Anett Vernaza; while purchasing daily bakery goods, advising bakery worker on various government options for school grants. 
Anett is interested in "rescuing" San Felipe for the very few left, that were born here and those that have lived in San Felipe a great part of their lives.  Anett is concerned about services and subsidized housing for the elderly and housing for those with average and minimum wage incomes.  Anett believes the Historic Center should be a mixed environment, not exclusive for just wealthy locals and foreigners. 
Her verbal political program mentions involving common neighborhood residents to seek improved coordinated government effort, to reach out and facilitate  economic and social development programs, particularly to San Felipe women, children and microbusinesses.  Anett wants to make the San Felipe area a viable touring spot for all Panamanians and, of course, hospitable to foreign residents and visitors too.
The PRD Primary is on Sunday, 7 September 2008 from 7am to 4 pm.
1995  Casco Viejo Chatrux Residence at Avenida B/Calle 5a Este, on SE Corner
1996   "Calle 12" Bus driver, Ulises Mojica, who owns 3 buses and who has been driving 20+ years  Tumba Muerto-Veranillo route.  Years ago driving 8 round trips per day.  Today only 4 round trips per day, due to traffic congestion.  "Much less maintenance costs. One 1/2 the driving distance, tremendous maintenance, wear and repair savings," he alleges.  Driving life and bus ownership has been good to him.  Driving and owning the vehicles has provided "finca" in Santiago, Veraguas, education for children and his home in Panama City.
1999  "Casco Viejo after dark" with young women university and high school neighbors, ending late Saturday afternoon walk, to las Bovedas to see skateboarder friends do their daring and flying antics at the "old Union Club ruins."
2000  "Hierro," 19+ years former Panama Canal locks super tough and "live it up" manual helper and diver tender, Icaza.  Disabled by a stroke, he is now on his own, forgotten by the Canal administration, its worker and retiree organizations.  "Hierro" asked me and TPN to help him find a ground floor handicap accessible small rental in Casco Viejo, Chorrillo, Santa Ana, Ancon.  I met "Hierro" over a decade ago at Cafe Coca Cola.
This former super physical "iron man" canal locks worker; merits, that present canal employee and retiree organizations, look into and resolve his plea for a handicap accessible residence in the Panama City Central Metropolitan area. 
"Phoenix Canalero," a KW Continente Radio Program on Wenesday nights from 9 pm to 10 pm, should know of "Hierro´s" immediate plea for a small independent handicap accessible rental home.
I have the confidence that "brain storming" among canal administration, worker and retiree orgs, will immediately resolve "Hierro´s" hadicap accessible housing plea. 
Furthermore, I am also fully confident that developing that same "brainstorming process" by worker and retiree orgs with other national orgs, can channel constructive productive and service forces to contribute to solving all the problems that afflict our urban and rural populations and their respective communities. 
That labor and community protagonism is on the XXI Century agenda toward for the labor and community unity programs for resolute actions.
2001  Casco Viejo artisans and residents hastily greeting each other at supper time in Avenida B and Calle 9a Chinese Restaurant.
2002  Casco Viejo residents Mr. Duarte, a 3 year Tecnical Arts degree from the National Arts School (INAC) and Prof. Marciscano, having evening chat at Cafe Coca Cola.
2004  "monsters after dark" in Casco Viejo on Avenida Central, infront of side step entry to Catedral Church.
2005  Prowling kitty with luring monster in high dark background


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