lunes, 28 de julio de 2008

Photos Casco Viejo to consider "Insert"

1552 Kool Costa Rican Music School web site:
1851 Father Ortega UP Academic Humanities Faculty with acrylic portrait of UP Math and Philosophy Professor  Jose "Chu Chu" de Jesus Martinez, who at over 45 y.o. joined the FFDD and became part of the security escort for General Omart Torrijos.  In 1987, the prestigious literary Cuban Cultural Publisher, Casa de las Americas awarded Chu Chu the Testimony Prize for his book, "Mi General Torrijos" and Published the work. On 31 July 2008 commemorates the "disappearance" of General Omar Torrijos allegedlly by CIA.
1965  Casco Viejo "lacing bricks" at Avenida B and Calle 10 Este.
1967 Casco Viejo Antillean Francofone artists and cultural workers from Haiti and Guadelupe, Haitian metal sculpturere, translator, Guadalupe photographer and anthropologist visit Parque Santa Ana.
1972  Casco Viejo High School professor making his early morning Sunday rounds, selling lottery tickets
1973 Casco Viejo Great Granma, wife of retired electrician from the "Tomasitos" military school, waiting for errand to start breakfast.
1975 Casco Viejo recent June 2008 Frontier Border Patrol Class, now doing duty in the Metropolitan area.
Only one woman Police Agent graduated with this class.  See center of picture. When asked how she was treated by ACAPOL Gamboa male training staff and all male cadet peers; the woman agent responded, that they were all most cordial, respectfull and most supportive, during the 6 months of training. 
Now on Metropolitan National Police duty, all her male class peers and other local agents for the area are most gentlemanly and respectfully fraternal.  She has the respect, support and admiration of her peers.
I felt so proud of ACAPOL and the local PN agents, after hearing her comments on her experiences todate, expressed in simple, direct and unhesitating words of her male class peers and local male metropolitant agents.
This young woman National Police Frontier Border Patrol Agent is the young agent profile that should be considered for officer academy rank and file candidate selection to study here in Panama or abroad.
1984 Casco Viejo "after dark" viewing San Francisco de Asis Church with illuminated steeple and foreground Plaza Bolivar trees
1985-86 Casco Viejo barefoot youth, sitting at building stairwell entrance with a self made drum mallet.   With a syncopating percussion beat, on an inverted 5 gal plastic paint bucket, the boy joyously greeted the early morning pedestrian and vehicular traffic dissonant noise (industrialized and mechanized ambient sounds).  I enjoyed his joyous beat for a few moments.
Then noticed an elderly neighbors syncopating nimble walk, with a stableizing momentary hold on a wall, to plan his next unsupported, demolished sidewalk course.

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