viernes, 11 de julio de 2008

"DON WHITE our most respected Peace Activist!

"Don White was one of the most concerned, humanly sensitive teachers I have ever met. Whenever there would be stifling, divisionary, elitist, distracting petty impass squabbles; he would very patiently and most matter of fact objectively, orient the group to address the task at hand.

Dan did not meet POPITO, pictured above.
He did not have the time to care for a `periquito.'
Basta Ya! USA!
Out of Iraq!
Out of Afghanistan!
Stop War against Iran!
Free the Cuban 5, Now!


Don White



We have lost one of the most loved and

respected people in the peace movement.

Plans are underway for a memorial celebrating Don White's incredible life.
If you are in Panama or visit Panama, and you met Dan White: Write me of your experiences at or
if in Panama, call me: (507) 6599-5679.
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