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Control your young child's computer

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Control your young child's computer

Children use computers from a very early age, and this exposes them to certain risks.This article describes what the risks are, and what steps parents can take to protect their young children from the computer.

Online predatorsOnline predators can be a major threat to the safety of your children. They can be very sly in how they coerce children into chatting with them, and sometimes even try to arrange meetings with child..

Online chat safetyMost young people chat over the Internet, particularly on sites such as MySpace, but unawares they may well be chatting to a sexual predator pretending to be a child...

Why should I buy an Internet filter?Some people question the need for an Internet filter on their computer. This article describes exactly how a filter can be of benefit to you and your family.

Remote Monitoring softwareGood monitoring software gives you the ability to monitor from a distance in real time from any computer with an Internet connection. This article describes in detail the features of Remote Monitoring software.

Remote monitoring of your childThis article describes how remote monitoring can help you protect you child from the potential dangers connected to Internet use.

Internet filtering softwareInternet filtering software has become a very popular toll for protecting children from the potential dangers due to Internet use. This article describes the criteria you should look forward when choosing quality Internet filtering software

Internet filtersInternet filters first appeared 15 years ago as a response to the explosion in the amount of pornography freely available on the Internet. They have developed quickly since then, and now are very powerful and feature rich.

Parental control software programsThis article describes the results of a survey relating to the use of parental control software programs within the US. One significant find was that 54% of American families have parental control software installed on their home computers...

A lesson for your childrenThis article describes a real life experiment, in which an older guy coerced young girls into giving out private information, and arranged to meet up with them. The experiment demonstrates the risks associated with online chat and personal blogs.

Internet Filtering at public librariesThis articles outlines how the 'The Children's Internet Protection Act' (CIPA) affects libraries, and what libraries must do to keep within the boundaries of this law.

Porn blockersInternet pornography is big business with over 1 million pornographic web sites on the net. Many children stumble upon such sites accidentally. This article describes how porn blockers offer a solution to parents who are concerned about the effect of Internet pornography on their children.

Control child's computer useIn the modern age parents need to be pro-active in controlling how and for how long their children play on the computer and surf the web. This article offers tips for parents for how to control their child's computer use.

Monitoring your child's Internet useThere are 2 main ways to protect your child from the dangers of Internet use; filtering and monitoring. This article explores the second way; how monitoring can be of benefit to you and your child.

Safe web sites for your childrenAs an antidote to the glut of freely available sites that are wholly unsuitable for children, more and more benign sites are being created that are specifically directed at children and teenagers. Here we have listed some of the best ones..

Computer/video games and your child's healthExcessive playing of computer/video games by children can have many detrimental effects on children. There is a link between computer/video games and child violence. In addition Computer/video games can have a detrimental effect on your child's psychological and physical development..

Internet Safety tips for your ChildrenAs your child grows up, their use of the computer and the Internet changes. This articles looks at each stage of a child's development and what a parent should be on the look out for in order to protect him or her from the detrimental aspects associated with computer and Internet use

Instant messaging: protecting your childrenWhat is Instant messaging, and why can it be problematic for your children? This article explores this subject, and offers tips on how to reduce its potential dangers.

Email – keeping your children protectedThere are a few risks associated with children using Email. This articles discusses them and offers tips on how to make Email use as risk free as possible.

Peer to Peer networks - vital information for parentsWhat are Peer to Peer networks, why are they popular and what dangers do they pose to children and personal computers? This article also includes a list of the most commonly used peer to peer sites.

Newsgroups - what parents should knowWhat are newsgroups, who uses them and why? How can a newsgroup pose a threat to your children and how can these risks be reduced?

Blog sites and your childrenWhat is a blog site, and in what way can they pose a risk to your children? What should parents do to protect their children from the these risks?

Chat sites and your childrenHere you can read about a number of incidents involving children who met up with a person they met over a chat site. It turned out that these people were slightly less desirable than first assumed..

The Internet and Your ChildA run down of some of the ways in which the Internet can pose a threat to your child's well being, with statistics concerning paedophiliac behaviour on the net.

Internet Filtering basicsInternet filters have a wide range of functions. Here we have described the most important features of a filter that can help to keep your family safe whilst using the Internet.

Safe Web browsingThere are many problems that can occur when browsing online; the security of your information can be breached, your computer can catch a virus, and others. This article discusses how we can make our online browsing safer.

Making Instant Messaging SaferBeing such a popular means of communication, we need to have the right strategies in place to make instant messanging as safe as possible. This article gives a number of guidelines to help keep your instant messaging safer for your family and your computer.
Windows FirewallA Basic Introduction to Firewalls

Read these basic Internet safety tips while taking a look at the iProtectYou control panel.See how easy it is to make iProtectYou do exactly what you need it to do.

Safety tips for protecting kids online (HTML). Safety tips for protecting kids online (PDF).

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Computer games and adult movies are dangerous for children. As their parents we should monitor the content they browse on computer. Children Control is a great program to control children's access to PC and Internet sites. It's easy to use and works fine for me.