viernes, 15 de agosto de 2008

Canciller and Fray Richard, la Merced, rapper, reggaecero,

TPN Photograph of 1st VP and Chancelor SE Samuel Lewis Navarro:
Talked about how 5 of my professional photographs were stolen by Bruno Paredes (Bruno on Friday, 16 August 2008, showed up one photo, leaving 4 missing!)at the Cafe Coca Cola night before. His Excellency offered to read my letter to Subcomisionada Belkis Vega Jefatura de Policia de Turismo, detailing said experience.

His Excellency Lewis Navarro agreed to pose for a TPN foto enclosed.

He is available for press interviews any time on matters of national and international concerns..

Photo: Fray Richard, Parroco La Merced Fr. Ricardo Godoy was invited to have in an English and Spanish, weekly column on matters of Catholic faith, facing contemporary and Panamanian society. (Modified 16-8-2008)

Need a $100 donation (Cellular: 6599-5679 Email: to edit, retouch photographs and to produce CD of Fray Richard´s Entrega de Parroquia La Merced, "Taking Possession of the La Merced Parrish as Parrish Priest."

The "CD of the Taking Possession Ceremony" will donated to Fray Richard and the "Parroquia la Merced" to be used by the Parroquia, in any way to raise Parrish Funds.

Basta Ya!--USA

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