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Fw: 0028-08 CIDH: Criminal filing with Attorney General, "Expediente de Entrada No. 166,"

Reflecting the concern for the high rates of criminality and violence affecting our Panamanian society in the Historic Center, urban and rural areas; we wrote the following note to the UN, UNESCO, IAHC and others in media.
 I signed this note after a bus driver was killed by bullets to the chest, on Friday at a University of Panama bus stop while trying to defend his passengers being robbed at gun point by youth and attending a Partido Alternativa Popular meeting to take notes and photographs for  I caught the last words of the speakers on the importance to act to address the problems as part of community solutions that benefit the poor.
We would like your honest feed back. Policies and programs are needed to employ youth and general employment at liveable wages that guarantee a minimum human dignified existance.  The ethnic cleansing taking place in our Historic Center has to be very carefully scrutinized by interinstitutional and interdisciplinary teams of social scientists, government and other community protagonists in the diagnostics and solutions.

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From: adan cerrud <>
Subject: 0028-08 CIDH: Criminal filing with Attorney General, "Expediente de Entrada No. 166,"
To: "Francesco Bandarin" <>, "michael petzet" <>, "comision DH" <>,,,
Date: Monday, September 15, 2008, 10:52 AM


United Organizations Safeguardians of the Historic Center of Panama City , Central América

Email:   Cellular: (507) 6626-8932

C/o Secretary OUPSAF Aníbal Chacon  Cédula: 8-326-477  

Entrega General: Zone 0834; Panamá, Rep. of Panamá

Registration: S.C. No. 1060132 Index Card: 25053 Dec. 2006


Note:  0028:08                                               Panama , 15 September 2008

Respectable Dr. Francesco Bandarin:

Director UNESCO-WHC, Paris , France


Respectable Dr. Michel Pezet

President ICOMOS International


Dr. Santiago M. Canton, Secretary IaCHR

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
1889 F Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C., 20006 U.S.A.


Note: 0028-08                                                Panama , 15 September 2008


Respectable Sirs:



We want you to know that the social popular organizations that comprise the safeguarding of our San Felipe, the Historic District of Panama City and Salon Bolivar:


1)  the activities observing the management, and vigilance over the destruction of our building heritage  that we are trying to develop as safeguards, since 30 May 2006 as registered, entails confronting the corrupt Panamanian state, the national and international financial interests, drug traffic and money laundering, where seized assets, the money, real and other properties disappear under the procedural entities or are returned to the original sources.  No certified control of assets seized, nor any record of source of capitals or disposition.


2)  the Office of the Casco Antiguo (OCA) sponsor adults and child bands with children assassins ("sicarios") to intimidate and harass the original working and elderly residents of San Felipe, by way of Eric Sanchez, the person who obtains the building demolition contracts to demolish buildings of all categories the same way, (according to Law Decree 9, 27 August 1997 establishes categories of intervention of buildings and Executive Decree No.51, 2004 how intervene restoration in the various categories) getting rid of the people without any regard to compensation or into mixed income housing projects.  The short term, long term, planned result is plain and simple ethnic cleansing of the whole low income, elderly and colored population of San Felipe.



3)  we,  safeguarding of  the Historic District of San Felipe, the coordinators Sr. Adan Cerrud Sanchez and Anibal Chacon Gonzalez have filed a criminal complaint before the Attorney General of Panama on Thursday, 28 August 2008 at 10:25 am in the morning.  "Expediente de Entrada No. 166." Case number, where we indicate the responsible authorities, Ms. Linneth Montenegro, National Director of the Historic Heritage; Mr. Nilson Ariel Espino, Director of the Office of the Casco Antiguo (OCA); and the National Institute of Culture (INAC) they gave the OK to demolish the Gran Central Hotel in front of the Plaza Mayor, defined by international heritage specialists as a architectural jewel of the 1900th century (XIX).  The local newspapers covered the filing of the case:  the Panama America, Crítica Libre (, the Prensa (



Today, all the various, leadership and members safeguarding the Historic Center are being threatened, intimidated and harassed by the bands that are promoted by state and private interests as described in item 2).



As a consequence of the mentioned above, we would like to notify you that whatever may happen to leadership or members of the 18 families of Artesanos Unidos del Casco Antiguo (AUCA) especially, President Adan Cerrud Sanchez; Association of Residents of San Felipe (AMSANFEL) particularly, the Treasurer, Sr. Aníbal Chacon Gonzalez, the Cultural Attache and photographer of OUPSAF, Mr. Jose F. Ponce, among others.



Most respectfully,




Anibal Chacon Gonzalez          Cedula: 8-326-477                  OUPSAF




Jose F. Ponce                          Cedula: 8-261.895                  OUPSAF



Attachments:    1)         "Expediente de Entrada No. 166, Thursday, 28 August 2008"

2)         Spanish copy of Panama America newspaper article/Friday, 29 August, "the Nation" SUCESOS, p.10



Adan Cerrud Sanchez: President AUCA
Active Member OUPSAF Cedula: 9-92-619
Movil: (507) 6626-8932
Email: ,

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