martes, 9 de septiembre de 2008

photos: Dr. obtained his Ph.D. from Berlin University 2008

3050  Casco Viejo "billetera" lottery ticket seller
3051   Casco Viejo girls without income at internet cafe
3052  Casco Viejo boys playing games at internet cafe
3053  Casco Viejo students from San Agustin School visiting Presidential Palace
         San Agustin professor and students invited to submit writing and photos of their excursion to
         Casco Viejo and their old alma matter the new Chancery.  Also invited professor and students
         to create an online San Agustin School Independent Student Newspaper as insert of
3054-55  Orgullo Colonense: Dr. José Petterson in Philosophy from Berlin University
          with President APUDEP Prof. José Young, also a Colonense
3056  Dr. José Petterson with Prof. Rosendo Murdock


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