miércoles, 4 de junio de 2008

Global Banking:

Global Banking

Global Banks Embrace Islam

What Islam could not achieve in centuries through military aggression, terrorism and political hardball, will now be accomplished by the global banking community that is stampeding to dominate Islamic banking ruled by totalitarian and brutal Shari'a law. Indeed, this brand of Islamic banking is the mother of all Trojan horses. Every citizen of every non-Islamic country should immediately see the clear and present danger presented by this unholy alliance.
Global Banking: The World Bank

Created at Bretton Woods in 1944, the has been dominated by international bankers, members of the Council on Foreign Relations and later by the Trilateral Commission. Corruption and self-interest run amok as public funds are converted into private hands by the billions.
Global Banking: The International Monetary Fund

The triad of global monetary controllers includes the IMF, the , and the Bank for International Settlements. As evidenced by growing demonstrations outside of every IMF meeting, the IMF is an organization people apparently find easy to hate. Funded by taxpayers around the world, the IMF doles out money by the billions to keep globalization alive. The world is their oyster and the global elite are the harvesters.
Global Banking: The Bank for International Settlements

Who controls global monetary affairs? The BIS! Based in Basle, Switzerland, the BIS is central bank to central banks. The BIS has greater immunity than a sovereign nation, is accountable to no one, runs global monetary affairs and is privately owned. This is a must-read report to understand the globalization process.

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