lunes, 23 de junio de 2008

sheep pen foto experiment

Note: this is a sheep pen foto experiment

My Poem

For your and my family, for our communities and a peaceful future for humanity; I stood up to the EVIL corporate usurpers of Old Glory; usurpers of our Revolutionary Declaration of Independecence; usurpers of our Constitutional Liberties and Justice under the Bill of Rights; usurpers of our State and Federal, legislative, judicial and executive powers; usurpers of all our ruling institutions; usurpers of our Treasure, privatizers of our monetary-credit-currency system; usurpers and privatizers of our military might.

For decades I had to live and bear the consequences of standing up to corporate enslavement at home and abroad.

Today, When"the EVIL corporate USA" bares its FEMA camps: black ski masked, terrorizing militarized police; arbitrary check points; mass arrests; taser tortures; executions; disappearances: I am old, broken and hurting.
Now I can use some help!!!

Buddy, "amigo," friend, "vecino," where are you?

Your are gone, nowhere to be found!

Basta Ya! USA!...the IV Reich
(507)6599-5679 (TeleSur)

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