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Military Commissions Act of 2006
To amend title 10, United States Code, to authorize trial by military commission for violations of the law of war, and for other purposes.
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President’s Message to Congress (H. Doc. No. 109-133)
Statements before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary (Senator Patrick Leahy; MG Scott C. Black, Mr. Steven G. Bradbury, RADM Bruce MacDonald, MG Jack Rives, BG Kevin M. Sandkuhler)
Statements before the House Committee on Armed Services (MG Scott C. Black, Mr. Steven G. Bradbury, MG Charles J. Dunlap, JR., RADM Bruce MacDonald, BG James C. Walker)
H.R. 6054 (The bill as introduced in the House, referred to the Committee on Armed Services and the Committees on the Judiciary and International Relations)
H. Rep. No. 109-664, Part 1, to accompany H.R. 6054 (Report of the Committee on Armed Services…)
H. Rep. No. 109-664, Part 2, to accompany H.R. 6054(Report of the Committee on the Judiciary…)
H.R. 6166 (As introduced)
H.R. 6166 (As passed by the House)
H. Res. 1042 (Rule for consideration of H.R. 6166)
H. Rep. No. 109-688 (Report to accompany H. Res. 1042)
S.3930 (As placed on the calendar)
S.3930 (As passed)
Senate Floor Debate (September 27, 2006)
Senate Floor Debate and Passage (September 28, 2006)
House Floor Debate (September 27, 2006)
House Floor Debate and Passage (September 29, 2006)
P.L. 109-366 (Military Commissions Act of 2006; October 17, 2006)
The Manual for Military Commissions (January 18, 2007)
Boumediene v. Bush and Al Odah v. United States [regarding Combatant Status Review Tribunals] (June 12, 2008) New!
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