domingo, 22 de junio de 2008

Summer Solstice, Fiesta de la Musica, 21 June 2008

Panamanian construction worker and partner enjoying Rock La K´Shamba.

American HIP-HOP singer from Charlotte, North Carolina USA, now in living in France touring with Wax Taylor techno-euro disco urban sounds. Will promote history and culture of blacks in Latin America and especiallyshowed and interest in those who Latinos that have served in the USA military. How to honor them and the new struggles for a better world possible during Memorial Day in May and Veterans Day in November. with admirers after Teatro Nacional performance

Picketing for Peace and ending the USA war on Iraq and Afghanistan on Catedral Church Steps.

The first "periquito," POPI, that I ever held in my hand, since I let my 2 periquitos loose when I was about 12-13 y.o. "I let their clipped wings grow, till one day I decided to open up the cage and give them a choice: You can stay or you can go!" They squacked and screamed holy rollers, climbing all over the cage. A group of periquitos landed on a near by tree and the commotion started my two periquitos screaming and arguing, it seemed. They both kind of knodded around the cage door and streched their beacks and heads towards the screaming flocks and fluttered away! Foreever!

Popi died the next night after going to the Panamanian National Assembly and waiting for hours in a very cold air conditioned building. Popi, first victim of the crusade against the programmed building of dams, mining projects and residential communities for foreigners; not consulted with the affected populations.

French musicians, singer, cellist and flutist after the performance.

Hostel owner Virginia with friend and Basta Ya! at Teatro Nacional entry doors.

Hostel owner Virginia and friends

Group La K´Shamba at the Parking lot stage.
Jose, construction worker and friend enjoying Rock in the parking lot.

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