martes, 24 de junio de 2008

Proyecto de Ley contra la discriminación en empleos presentado HD Hermicenda Perea, Lunes, 23 Junio 2008 6pm Asamblea

Mr. Juan Fagguete and Mr. Enrique Sanchez.

Mr. Sidnez and Business Partner.

Mr. Enrique Sanchez, HD Hermicenda Perea, Mr. Sidnez, Ms. Sonia Brown, Bishop Murray and others after HD Perea introduced legislation against discrimination in employment.

After the introduction of legislation against discriminination in employment, I found Artist Victor Bruce at one of the entrances to the Mercado de Artesanias at 5 de Mayo Plaza, painting recollections of the Monuments in Calidonia, like the CASA Mueller (Miller). Personnally have very fond memories of the building from the years mid 1950´s to late 1960´s, due to assisting my Mother, Maestra Virginia Montilla de Ponce q.e.p.d. 1910-2002, shopping at the Mercadito. Afterwards would walk up the Calle 25 to Avenida Central at Casa Mueller turn to Plaza 5 de Mayo and stop at about the fourth door, where a little old Black woman with grey hair made the most delecious coconut items and cocadas, sometimes with different colors. I had to have 2 to 3 cocadas every Saturday, of course depending on my grades in school.

Mr. Victor Bruce painting a pollera among his many oil pastel portraits that he accomplishes while posing on site for about an hour. Very reasonable cost for the portrait, if you pose on the spot. The price for a portrait is still reasonable, if he does the portrait from a photo. A little more, if the photo is deteriorated or faded.

Representatives and Members of Black Community Organizations at the National Assembly in support of Legislation outlawing employment discrimination.

Another view of Afro representatives and members of community organizations with "firefighters" in the background.

Child accompanying parent firefighters in support of legislation completely restructuring the Panama Fire Fighters financial, organizational and operational structures. It seemed to me that what Minister of Government and Justice was really saying is that they were "militarizing the fire fighters and other emergency and related services. He also clearly stated that the new militarized structures would be under 'professional uniformed' leadership, rather than civilian, as present.

The next morning at the Fundacion San Felipe, I witnessed an very upset young black Mother, with a 2-3 or y.o. infant. Completely distressed. She was so upset, that due to the "ethnic cleansing" that has taken place in the Historic District of the City of Panama, there are no families, friends or older people left in the community, that could help her take care of her child for two hours, from 8am to 10am, while she attended an introductory course in computer basics at the Fundación San Felipe. The Fundación San Felipe has been around for over a decade and still don´t get it that poor people need more than symbolic help, they need integral and sustainable help when needed.

As part of the struggle to overcome the obstacle of racism, marginalization, exclusion and discrimination and others, I would urge that the Fundación San Felipe be contacted and ask that the Damas de la Sociedad, order their Fundación administrator to find a way to solve the 2 hour child care for that young black mother, so she can take that class without having to worry about how the child is doing.

She was so upset that her husband had enrolled her at the cost of $8 and she would lose the enrollment fee. She could not take the girl to the computer lab any more, because the first day, the child was distracting to the other neighboring students.

It seems to me, that given that a "uniformed bombera" had to take her child to the assembly for lack of child care after work, that we should look into all the problems of young mothers, especially young black mothers applying and enrolling in these training programs with no support for their offsprings.

In the case of the this young woman at the San Felipe Foundation, I would ask to have an audit to see how many other applicants or aspiring applicants need the child care help to enroll in any training program.

Mr. Victor Bruce posing next to his "Casa Mueller" acrilic painting. a HIP HOP rapper from Charlotte, North Carolina who has moved to France and is now touring with a French disco avant guard group Max Taylor.

Most happy autograph seekers and admirers to share a photo with
Longtime neighbor from San Felipe having coffee at the Fundación San Felipe.

Fundación San Felipe seamstress class students and instructor doing patchwork quilts. Very beautiful carefull work.

These young families need the backing of legislation, state resources and its enforcement outlawing discrimination, to guarantee access to education, health care, recreation and above all dignified employment to enjoy a possible better world.

Kuna University student aspiring to be a professional in the service of our national community.

Young woman from Vacamonte, inquiring about how to enroll in a school to train to work in computer repair. I sent her to the Silvio Bedova Escuela Laboral at the University of Panama.

Mr. Victor Bruce displaying his polleras and I displaying my Basta Ya! USA! poster.

Tourism students visiting San Felipe and posing on the people´s side of the Bolivar Monument. As future guides, tourism operators and hospitality administratos; I point out the biases of the time and the artists, when they sculpted and casted "the people" who did the liberation; "the armies fighting" behind the liberators, as "all europeans." A stark contrast to the realities of who were the troops, for instance that accompanied Bolivar across the Andes. Those army of liberators who fought at Junin, the last silent mayor battle in the Americas fought with clubs, knives, machetes, swords and spears.

I mention to visitors and students that the whole city was walled, streets and plazas leveled by the sweat, blood and lives of 148 black slaves and 4 bosses, of which one was the Spanish military architect directing the project. The other construction administrative and field assitants.

Need to have a project to track down the names and the descendants of those 148 slaves. Where is their return on their family investment. Who were the builders of the old Panama, where are their descendants?

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